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Cheetie Kumar

Garland, KINGS and Neptunes Parlour
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  Cheetie Kumar


"You can hang out in Raleigh and walk around and hit a bunch of different spots that are very well-thought-out and beautifully executed."

For Garland restaurant owner Cheetie Kumar, music, food and creating a good time go hand in hand. The rocker-turned-restaurateur has her hands full as head chef at Garland while still taking center stage as guitarist in her band, Birds of Avalon. On the side, she records studio albums.

Located in downtown Raleigh, N.C., Garland sits below popular indie music venue KINGS and above the cozy cocktail bar Neptunes Parlour. Garland is Cheetie's passion, and it provides a creative outlet through which she can share the flavors of her childhood, reinvented with a decidedly local flare. With ingredients sourced from local farmers' markets and family farms, Cheetie creates eclectic Indian and Pan-Asian dishes that are always fresh, always in season and always adventurous.

Throughout the three venues, the understatedly edgy and independent spirit of Cheetie's roots shines through—welcoming locals and touring bands as warmly as it welcomes out-of-town guests seeking an authentic taste of Raleigh's food and culture.


Delicious, one-of-a-kind meals. Live music. Eclectic nightlife scene. One visit to Cheetie's foodie/nightlife/music complex and you'll be hooked—a return visit will be a must, and you'll be counting down the days until you can get back.

Garland's spice-driven seasonal cuisine focuses on Indian and Asian flavors and the evolution of those culinary traditions. You'll taste the familiar yet you'll be taken to new places with distinct, creative recipes. Hit Garland day or night, and plan to catch a concert later at KINGS upstairs, a prime spot to hear independent bands on the rise, with Muppets... yes, Muppets... overlooking the venue. After a show, go underground to Neptunes Parlour where you can grab a delicious cocktail and dig into the venue's arcade game collection.


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