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Linda Dallas

Linda Dallas's Art Studio
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  Linda Dallas


"Creativity doesn't just live in the arts. Creativity lives in business. Creativity lives in science. That is what makes for a Smart City."

Raleigh, N.C., artist and illustrator Linda Dallas draws inspiration from the kitchen, using color, texture and perspective to transform food into fine art. Visitors to her Blount St. studio can feast their eyes on an array of large- and small-scale watercolors, participate in interactive workshops and meet the artist at gallery events like First Friday.

"Food has this way of bringing together different points of view. If you have a conflict, one of the best ways to solve it is to sit down at the table together," Linda said. "That is what I want my artwork to do--bring people together."

After graduating from Howard University with a degree in mathematics, Linda designed displays for the Smithsonian Institution before being accepted to North Carolina State University's College of Design graduate program. Here, she worked part-time at a local food co-op, where she carefully examined and arranged produce into neat stacks. She quickly became fascinated by the geometry, scale and proportion of these organic shapes, a mathematical precision she continues to bring into her art.

Today, Linda is an assistant professor of visual art at Saint Augustine's University, where she helps shape new talent. "If we love the arts, it is our responsibility to share that love and passion so the next generation can embrace it."


See Linda's work for yourself at her studio during events throughout the year or during a scheduled appointment and chat with the artist herself. Better yet, shop for art for your home or to give your family and friends—after chats with Linda, you'll be able to pass on the special stories behind pieces you choose. If you want to try your own hand at watercolor, take one of Linda's classes, which include subjects like painting with primary colors and painting with gouache. Learn more


  Linda Dallas   Linda Dallas   Linda Dallas   Linda Dallas  
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