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Niall Hanley

Hibernian Hospitality
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  Niall Hanley


"In the 20 years that I've been here, we're growing into this beautiful city that just has this buzz. There's a vibrancy here... I don't know how else to describe it, but it's electric."

Growing up in Ireland, Niall pulled his first draft at age 10, laying the groundwork for his fundamental understanding of authentic pub culture. Little did he know that a few decades later, he would have launched successful bar and nightlife concepts in Raleigh, N.C., including his personal pride and joy, Hibernian Restaurant & Pub.

When he first moved to Raleigh, Niall was instantly struck by the warm, open vibe of its people, as well as the unbeatable weather. Describing it as Ireland with sunshine, Niall knew the city was destined to have a proper Irish pub--one that would attract people from all walks of life. He opened Hibernian, confident that it would be a welcome addition to everything else the area has to offer.

His more recent contributions to the region include Raleigh Beer Garden, an epicenter of beer featuring dozens of local brews and the world's largest selection of draft beer. In a city that's not afraid to try new things, Raleigh Beer Garden brings people together while brilliantly showcasing the innovative tastes of the area. This popular establishment is now at the forefront of the area's burgeoning beer tourism industry and attracts beer lovers from all over the world.


To experience Raleigh's restaurant and nightlife scene to the fullest, visits to Niall's establishments must be in order. Several are located just a few steps away from each other in downtown Raleigh's trendy Glenwood South district, so you can check out few of his places in one just evening. These include Raleigh Beer Garden, Hibernian and Solas Restaurant Lounge & Roof. But you also can't miss the juicy, mouth-watering burgers at The Station or the unforgettable, original steak tacos at Dos Taquitos Xoco. Wherever you go, you'll be inspired to raise a glass. Learn about each of Niall's restaurants and pubs here.


  Raleigh Beer Garden   Raleigh Beer Garden   Raleigh Beer Garden   Raleigh Beer Garden  
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