These chilly winter nights inspired us to button up our jackets and set out to find the best soups, stews and hot pots in Raleigh, N.C. Your taste buds and bellies will approve!

Tonkotsu Ramen from Sono Japanese Restaurant
80 pounds of bones are reduced down to perfection in this rich, silky bowl of ramen at Sono. Our suggestion: add an extra egg!

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Sopa de Pollo (Chicken Soup) from Centro
If you're craving Mexican food, Centro's chicken soup is right up your alley. The broth is homemade, and your bowl comes loaded with cilantro rice, pico de gallo, cilantro, avocado and grilled chicken.

Rare Beef and Beef Meatball Pho from Mo-Te Vietnamese
Hearty with a deep, complex flavor, the pho does not disappoint at Mo-Te. My favorite is the rare beef and beef meatball; watch as your beef cooks from the piping hot broth. Make sure to top your bowl of pho with bean sprouts, fresh basil and jalapeños, plus squeeze in some fresh lime juice.

Soon Doo Boo with Kimchi from Seoul Garden
For the adventurous food lover, head to Seoul Garden for a traditional Korean soup. We enjoy this soft tofu soup with kimchi and pork.

Garlic Soup from Bella Monica
Start your delicious Italian meal off at Bella Monica with a cup of garlic soup. Topped with spicy croutons and thyme, this garlic soup is sure to warm you up.

Malaysian Curry Noodle Soup from Ni Asian Kitchen
Served with tofu, bean sprouts, string beans and scallions in coconut curry broth, this Malaysian soup is perfect on a chilly winter night.

Mee Ka Tee (Crispy Pork Belly Soup) from Bida Manda
Pork lovers, get ready! This Laotian restaurant in the heart of downtown Raleigh is serving up giant bowls of coconut curry adorned with crispy pork belly, peanuts, eggs, fresh vegetables and herbs. See if you can finish the whole bowl.

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Roasted Cauliflower Soup from Vidrio
At the core of Mediterranean cooking is love, and this roasted cauliflower soup definitely comes from the heart. The Glenwood South downtown district's newest restaurant is serving a flavorful roasted cauliflower soup topped with apple cardamom chutney.

Farmers Market Stew from Kimbap
You'll often find chef Kim Hunter at the Western Wake Farmers Market picking up vegetables from local farmers for Kimbap's stew. The broth takes 12 hours to prepare and is served with brisket, rice cakes, seasonal greens, shiitake and, of course, a perfectly-cooked egg. Additionally, the smoked pork soup bowl (pictured in header), also served in 12-hour broth with handmade noodles and topped with kimchi and a six-minute egg, is tough to pass up when featured on the menu.

Spicy Lamb Hot Pot from Nine's China
Bring a group of friends to devour this giant hot pot at Nine's China. Filled with plenty of spice, bok choy and tender lamb, this hot pot will leave you with a happy, full belly.

Bún bò Hue at Pho Far East
Be transported to the streets of Vietnam after tasting just one bite of the bún bò hue at Pho Far East. This traditional Vietnamese soup originates from the city of Hue and is commonly served from street food vendors.

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Header photo: Felicia Perry Photography (Kimbap)