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Exhibition: Secret World Inside You

October 22, 2016 – March 12, 2017 (Recurring daily)

Crawling on your skin, swimming in your gut and traveling through your intestines are over 100 trillion teeny, tiny microorganisms. Collectively they are known as your microbiome, and they help keep you healthy. In the Secret World Inside You, you'll be introduced to the community of creatures that your immune system, digestive system and brain rely on every day!

Using videos, larger-than-life models and interactive games, the Secret World Inside You explores the microscopic, non-human lives in and on our bodies and the benefits of coexisting with them. From allergies, to cavities, to asthma, your microbiome is part of the equation. You get your first dose of microbes at birth. Discover how that community of these bacteria, fungi and other organisms changes as you grow, as you're exposed to new environments and foods and as you take different medications. The Secret World Inside You investigates the cutting-edge science of the human microbiome and a new perspective on human health.

Come meet your microbiome!

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