Fritz Schindler and Retro Candy

December 1, 2017

It's a Retro/Folk 'n Roll Christmas show! Fritz Schindler is a versatile singer-multi-instrumentalist whose performances amaze and inspire, and you'll often find audiences dancing in the aisles. His broad range of genres and generally warm persona make him a favorite for fans of all ages. Live recording, looping, instrument switching and vocal harmonizing with himself are common parts of his live stage show. Melodies, rhythms and harmonies build and breathe as Fritz sings and smiles and the songs soar. Most often performing with Fritz is his shape-shifting backing band, a lively and talented group of musician-friends. Together they simply call themselves Fritz Schindler Band. Retro Candy is a harmonious, funky indie rock band from Raleigh. Retro Candy loves to showcase their intricate 4 part harmonies in combination with a full rock band. There's no combination quite like them. Enjoying these soothing sounds will take you back to the past so you can let your hair down and have a sweet time.

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