Raleigh Culinary & Cultural Walking Tour

Starting July 9, 2016 (Every Saturday)

If you are looking for a fun activity, join this tasting tour to meet the Triangle's premier local gourmet food producers and culinary purveyors. This isn't some big, impersonal, stay-behind-the-velvet-ropes tour. The small group tours are intimate, fun and informal, where the people behind Raleigh's food meccas welcome you like a friend and give you the inside scoop on what makes their food culinary masterpieces. This is a delicious way to savor the city! Raleigh has become a thriving Southern capital city and downtown is experiencing unprecedented success in the independent, entrepreneurial culinary scene. As a result, culinary tourism is becoming more popular each year. Tobacco Road Tours has created and is bringing its own spin on this popular culinary travel experience to downtown Raleigh, offering potential participants a unique experience combining history, walking, tasting and fun! Each stop on the tasting tour brings you front and center to see and experience truly gourmet culinary delicacies of one of Raleigh's five downtown districts: the Capital District, Glenwood South, Moore Square, Fayetteville Street and the Warehouse District. You will sample a cross-section of unique, local restaurant venues, showing you subtleties and flavors you never knew existed. This experience is blended together with some forgotten historical tidbits that leaves you full of new insights on the downtown culinary landscape. Our food and beverage tour partners have one thing in common: a commitment to fresh, unique fare and locally sourced items when possible. While sampling, guests can enjoy talks with chefs and shop owners, learning about their commitment and passion for great food. Our partners are all one-of-a-kind establishments located only in downtown Raleigh.

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