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Lincoln Brewing & Distilling Co.

  • 6471 Triangle Plantation Dr.
    Ste. 106
    Raleigh, NC 27616

There are other bottle shops out there. And there are other breweries. But Lincoln Brewing & Distilling Co. is unique. They love beer so much, they decided to have both. Lincoln Brewing has a bottle shop and brewery (both in North Raleigh) that carries hundreds of craft beers from around the world, offering some on tap and that makes their own year-round and seasonal brews. The one thing they don't have is an attitude. Lincoln Brewing Co. is “Beer For The People” and they invite you to stop by. You'll feel like a regular in no time.


  • Monday Hours: 3-9pm
  • Tuesday Hours: 3-9pm
  • Wednesday Hours: 3-10pm
  • Thursday Hours: 3-9pm
  • Friday Hours: noon-midnight
  • Saturday Hours: noon-midnight
  • Sunday Hours: 3-9pm
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