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MOFU Shoppe

  • 321 S. Blount St.
    Raleigh, NC 27601

MOFU Shoppe derives its name from several sources: “Fu” means fortune in Mandarin Chinese. MO (more) FU (fortune); more food; more fun.

MOFU Shoppe brings the flavors of Asia to downtown Raleigh, fittingly, in an old car dealership (hence the unique garage doors). The dishes are inspired by the foods commonly eaten in several Asian countries and represent the owner's identity in a unique way.


  • Monday Hours: 5-10pm
  • Tuesday Hours: 5-10pm
  • Wednesday Hours: 5-10pm
  • Thursday Hours: 5-10pm
  • Friday Hours: 5-11pm
  • Saturday Hours: 5-11pm
  • Sunday Hours: closed


  • Serves Dinner:
  • Dinner Price for Two: $$ $20-$40
Other Amenities
  • Full Service Bar:
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