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PC Snyder Creative Enterprises LLC dba PC Snyder Music and Entertainment

...intimate soothing to refreshing whimsy, jazzy smoothing to gutsy bluesy, stories portrayed & emotions conveyed...
Prolific songwriter and seasoned performer, Paula C Snyder offers musical styling for a variety of venues, events & special occasions.
Original & Commercial Cover genres range from nostalgia & show tunes, to jazz & blues, folk & pop, soft & country rock, (even child friendly songs - as "Grandma Paula").
Performances are custom tailored for the audience.
Paula has performed at nightclubs, inns & resorts, restaurants, cafés, country clubs, corporate events, non-profit fund raisers, commercial buildings & shopping centers, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, retirement centers, hospitals & health care facilities.
As a songwriter, Paula also offers custom poetry and songwriting for special occasions under the brand "Verses to Go".

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