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Stopping in Raleigh, N.C., on your tour or playing a gig in the area? First of all, welcome! We're happy to say that you're playing in one of the hottest destinations in the U.S. for live music. Also, because of bands and musicians like you, Raleigh has the most live music out of any destination N.C.

Knowing that hundreds of touring bands and musicians come to the area to play every month, we created this page to help you have the best time here! Below you'll find links and area information that we hope will help you rock in style.

Music StoresBreak a string?
Bust a drum head?

Guitar & Music Stores

Stock up on gig supplies at local music stores or check out the many fine instruments offered in the area.
Click here
  Late-Night DiningFuel up after a late-night gig
Late-Night Dining

You may think that playing late sometimes means that your after-show dining options are slim, but you're in luck in Raleigh! Click here
VenuesPlanning your next gig?
Find the perfect venue

Check out our database of concert venues or live-music restaurants to find a venue that perfectly fits your style!  Concert Venues | Live-Music Restaurants
  VinylExpand your musical library
Shop for vinyl

Shop for some vinyl to take home! Collectors love Schoolkids Records, a local favorite that sells new and used albums. Find even more vinyl at places like Nice Price Books. Click here

Vinyl record photo: Schjelderup
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