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Looking for ideas about how to spend
your Memorial Day weekend this year?

Look no farther than the Raleigh, N.C., area!

Discover more than 75 suggested attractions and restaurants in five of our Destination I.D. categories at the links below; you can plan a full, three-day itinerary according to your I.D. or by mixing and matching!

Also, check hotel deals and other special offers to make your weekend trip to Raleigh more affordable.

Adrenaline JunkieAdrenaline Junkie

Whether it is taking a jog down a wooded-path or cheering on your favorite team from the stands, you are an Adrenaline Junkie. Click here
  Creative GeniusCreative Genius

You sing show tunes in the shower and pirouette down the street. You wish you could play the violin or paint. You're a Creative Genius. Click here

You know a good meal when you have one. No matter what your taste buds dictate, you are a Foodie through and through. Click here
  Lifelong LearnerLifelong Learner

You dress up like Shakespeare or Einstein at Halloween, and when people call you a Lifelong Learner, you aren't the least bit embarrassed. Click here
Music ManiacMusic Maniac

You don't care who's on stage as long
as it's live. You're a Music Maniac and proud of it. Click here
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