A Doll's House, Remodeled


Things couldn't be better for the Helmers: Torvald is the CEO of a tech a startup on the verge of going public, while Nora has become Instagram famous and is debuting her new reality TV show on the eve of their annual Christmas Party. A long buried secret stands to expose whats behind the Helmers gilded facade of celebrity. Is their marriage strong enough to withstand the truth? Take a journey with characters you know and love in this completely remodeled script by JaMeeka Holloway Burrell and Aurelia Belfield that puts the dynamic of husband and wife and modern day gender roles in the center of this gripping and timeless story brought to life in a reality TV and social media inspired adaptation. All shows will feature a nonprofit agency that will inform and inspire. As part of the clothing drive to benefit Dress For Success, donate womens clothing items can be donated in the lobby during all performances.