An Evening with Dana Cooper


Dana Cooper’s musical journey began at the young age of 2 when his father would prop him on the bar to sing along with the jukebox. Coming from Missouri, Cooper was surrounded by the sounds of classic country and folk music from an early age. He quickly became enamored with the guitar and taught himself to play and to harmonize vocally by listening to records. By his teenage years, Cooper was performing in coffee houses and clubs around Kansas City, honing his skills as a singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Over his 50+ year career, Cooper has amassed a catalog of 30+ albums and continues to tour actively. He is set to release his highly anticipated 32nd studio album, “The Ghost of Tucumcari”, on May 17, 2024. Featuring an All-Star lineup of guest artists, the album marks a major achievement for the veteran musician. Artists lending their voices to this project are Lyle Lovett, Hayes Carll, Susan Gibson, Mando Saenz, Darden Smith, Shake Russell, Libby Koch and more.

“The Ghost of Tucumcari” takes listeners on a stirring musical journey across genres from Folk and Rock to Country and Americana. His critically acclaimed 2022 release, “I Can Face the Truth,” encapsulates his evolution as a consummate storyteller. The album mixes his signature fingerpicking guitar and harmonica with poignant lyrics on love, loss and the current state of the world.