Before It's Too Late featuring: Broski Snders, JAYtheHBK, J. Rashad


A near reverential dedication to truth is the foundation of BROSKi SNDERS' artistic identity. Unabashedly introspective and keenly observant, the Wilmington (Delaware) rapper spent his adolescence honing in on the rap that became synonymous with his narrative-led lyrics.

20 year old Raleigh native, JaytheHBK, has been remaking R&B with a modernized sound while sticking to the southern roots of Trapsoul. Embodying everyday life with honest lyrics and a soothing cadence, JaytheHBK will have you hanging onto every word.

J. Rashad is a native of Durham, NC with an insatiable love for music and the positive impact it has when utilized with purpose. Bringing a perspective to rap that is edifying yet relatable. He delivers a message that is simple and solution oriented, with the intent of giving the listeners a fresh outlook to help them transform their reality. This isn't your cliche "woke rap", this rap weaves everyday life, self-reflection, penetrable flow, activism, and consciousness into a seamless sea of sound. For J. Rashad it's bigger than music, this is about the enrichment of the people.