As the Museum’s biggest and buggiest event of the year, BugFest is dedicated to educating and engaging the public about science and the wonders of the natural world. Explore over 100 exhibits, from hands-on activities designed to ignite curiosity and appreciation for these amazing animals, to interactions with entomologists and other scientists who will guide you through the intricate world of arthropods, offering insights into their behaviors, adaptations, and ecological significance.

This year, BugFest shines a spotlight on the order Lepidoptera, which comprises the butterflies and moths. Delight in children’s activities designed to inspire the next generation of bug enthusiasts, observe a variety of live arthropods, browse vendor stalls for arthropod-themed merchandise, and celebrate the extraordinary diversity of arthropods. Join us as we celebrate butterflies, moths, and the incredible world of Arthropods at BugFest!