Carolina Ballet presents Grieg: Piano Concerto


Robert Weiss’ Grieg: Piano Concerto

A Norwegian composer and pianist who wrote this piano concerto when he was only 24 years old, Edvard Grieg is widely considered one of the main composers of the Romantic era. “Although we live in a completely different time and place, Grieg’s music shows us that there is still the romantic in all of us.” – Robert Weiss


Additional Ballets

Jerome Robbins’ Afternoon of a Faun with music by Claude Debussy.
Jerome Robbins, who had a lifelong fascination with Nijinsky, took the stylized and sexually charged 1912 Afternoon of a Faun and transposed it into the demure, asexual language of ballet. It is set in an empty studio, where the mirror—in which all dancers watch themselves with love and loathing—is depicted by the fourth wall of stage convention, the audience.

Zalman Raffael’s The Metaphorical Heart with music by Leonard Bernstein.
The Metaphorical Heart represents different depictions of love, including familial love, romantic love, and burdensome love. “My motivation with this piece was not to create a linear story, but to open our minds and hearts
to love, using Bernstein’s highly regarded music.” – Zalman Raffael

Robert Weiss’ The Visitation with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
“Every artist has a muse. Sometimes they are pleasant, sometimes they are more than one bargained for. No matter
what, in the end they are inspiring.” – Robert Weiss.