Carolina Ballet presents Mozart: Symhony No. 40


Zalman Raffael’s Mozart: Symphony No. 40

This ballet creates a society that parades and poses as elites. “Mozart subtly captures human undertones, allowing the dancers to portray the refined elements of the symphony while expressing their true natures as well.” – Zalman Raffael

Additional Ballets

George Balanchine’s Agon with music by Igor Stravinsky.
The original premiere by New York City Ballet dates back to 1957. “Such music as Stravinsky’s cannot be illustrated. Agon was invented for dancing, but it is hard to invent dancing of a comparable density, quality, metrical insistence, variety, formal mastery, or symmetrical asymmetry.” – George Balanchine

Lynne Taylor-Corbett’s Chiaroscuro with music by Francesco Geminiani.
This ballet, like an abstract painting, hints at relationships with loved ones, loss and spiritual rebirth. “In art, chiaroscuro is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark, usually bold contrasts affecting a whole composition. My ballet, Chiaroscuro, is the journey of a man’s path through the light and shadow of his life.” – Lynne Taylor-Corbett

A world-premiere ballet by Resident Choreographer Amy Hall Garner.
Garner is a graduate of The Juilliard School and was selected to participate in Alvin Ailey’s 2018 New Directions Choreography Lab supported by the Ford Foundation.