Deep Dive with Empti, Mr Monopoly, Analog Future, Amoeba


Down Deep Productions started in late 2019 with the original DEEP DIVE - we wanted to introduce you to up-and-coming artists, alongside some of NC’s most talented underground Bass music DJs and producers. As we look forward to bringing back these vibes in 2024, you can expect nothing less than the amazing experiences you all have come to love. So rally your friends new and old, and get ready to take another deep dive with Down Deep Productions! 

Empti: (RVA)

Mikey Tapscott, aka Empti, is a Richmond based producer who prides himself on an arsenal of original music that hits like an artillery barrage to unsuspecting crowds everywhere. Taking influence from the heyday of metalcore, Empti brings dark atmosphere and punishing sub-driven sound design to a heavy flow that always gets the people moving. While he is rooted heavily in the 140 range, exploratory journeys to all corners of bass music are not uncommon, and will not leave you feeling Empti inside.

*Everyone deserves to feel safe at shows. We have a zero-tolerance policy for bigotry, racism, sexism, ableism, & non-consensual actions. Consent is mandatory. We create a space where people can express themselves comfortably - if you or someone has any issues during the night, find someone with a purple glow-stick and/or the venue/bar staff to assist.**


All events are 21+ to attend unless otherwise stated on the event page. We allow under 21 to attend shows with a parent or legal guardian.