Dig In! 2020: School, Community & Urban Ag Gardening Conference


The Poe Center is excited to continue the tradition of the Dig In! conference, previously hosted by Advocates for Health in Action. Dig In! is an educational event focused on school, community and childcare gardening, as well as urban agriculture. As a leader in nutrition education, the Poe Center’s unique GrowWELL teaching garden and themed-educational theaters are a great setting to host this inspiring event.

Keynote speaker: Foodscaping for Community Development, Brie Arthur

Combining expert advice from both of her books, Brie Arthur discusses how gardening can help shape the future of community development. The most important thing we can do as stewards of the earth is to teach the next generation to value the resources of the natural world. Brie will share stories from her community outreach programs with public schools across the US. Discover how to engage administrators, teachers, parents and grounds management staff to create bountiful and beautiful spaces that provide community pride and educational opportunities for people of all ages. This is a fast paced, informative presentation that leaves attendees inspired and ready to foodscape for the future!