Early Spring Gardening Checklist


We have been cooped up all winter long, but now that the days are warming, it’s time to get out into the garden! But with so much to do, where do we begin? When should we repot outdoor containers? Is now the time to fertilize turf? What about mulching? When is the best time to coppice shrubs? What even is coppicing anyway!? So many questions, so many tasks!

In this half day class, Bryce Lane will share his early spring gardening checklist and identify the tasks he performs in his own garden to ensure success during the growing season. You’ll learn not only what you should be doing to get ready for spring, but also how to do it and some tips and tricks for getting it done. Be sure to join us for this great class this spring, so that you leave no box unchecked as you get your garden ready to grow!