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Groundhog Day 2022


Meet Sir Walter Wally the groundhog, get his prognostication for the next six weeks and learn how we can observe animals to learn about changes in nature!

The Shadow Ceremony is at noon on the Bicentennial Plaza, right in front of the Museum. Come out and see whether Wally can continue his climb up the Weather Channel’s prestigious list of top “Groundhogs to Watch”!


History of Groundhog Day
Ever wonder how Groundhog Day came to be? You’ll learn about the history of Groundhog Day, and get to meet one of the original animals that was used to predict an early (or late) spring.

Groundhog Toss Game
These groundhogs think there are six more weeks of winter headed their way. Help them get back in their burrow!

Animal Architects
Groundhogs burrow into the earth to create their home. Learn about other animals that build their homes.

Animals in Winter
Groundhogs hibernate for winter, but how do other animals survive the cold?

Signs of Spring
Ready for warmer weather? Find out what signs nature provides when spring is on its way!

Groundhog Hats
Get ready for the shadow ceremony by making your own groundhog hats!

Meet the Groundhog
See Sir Walter Wally up close and learn about the importance of wildlife sanctuaries.