La Chocolatada de Luisito


Artist Studio Project and The Friends of the City of Raleigh Museum invite you to join us at our 7th Annual La Chocolatada de Luisito. Lusito is a character in Rafael A. Osuba’s bilingual book, “Lusito Celebrates Three Kings Day,” which he will be reading as part of the festivities. This is a free, family storytime event. It includes books, crafts, chocolates, songs, treats, hot chocolate, and more. This family-friendly event forms part of the 9th Annual El Quixote Festival.

A“chocolatada” is a social event in which chocolate (in this case hot chocolate) becomes the reason for the meeting. It is usually a festive meeting with a commemorative or celebration character. In this case, Luisito celebrates Three Kings’ Day and his favorite drink is hot chocolate.