Lobby Boy with Not Flailing, Charlie Paso


Lobby Boy: (Richmond, VA)

Birthed in the Hills of Virginia, Lobby Boy is a 5-piece synth-pop band who blend earnest songwriting with polished electronic production, supported by the chaotic euphoric energy of a crowded house show. Formed in Harrisonburg, Virginia to channel the Garageband demos of Chelsea Goodspeed, Lobby Boy consists of Bert Sifuentes, Ethan Wilson, Rylee Holihan, and Tristan O’Shea. Described as “heart-on-sleeve” and “earnest”, the songwriting takes cues from dream-pop icons Beach House and Future Islands, with a foundation in classic songwriting of Leonard Cohen and The Beatles. Gradually shifting from the dreamy indie pop of 2019’s LORE!, the sound of the band continues to evolve, incorporating synthesizers, sampling, and electronic drum elements on 2022’s “Pretty Songs / Pursuits of Personhood” (Citrus City Records).


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