Magnolia Study Day


Whatever comes to mind at the mention of Magnolia, while doubtlessly magnificent, can only fall short of the splendor of this majestic genus. With roughly 300 species worldwide (and more being found all the time) with flower colors of various whites, pinks, reds, yellows, and who-knows-what-else, this is one group of plants that deserves our attention, admiration and love. Venture into the world of magnolias with the Magnolia Society International and the JC Raulston Arboretum as we come together to share our passion for the beauty of these exquisite blooms!

This symposium is for the magnolia-curious and the magnolia-obsessed alike with a guided tour of the magnolia collection, as well as, talks highlighting selections of the best deciduous and evergreen magnolia species. The breeding work paving the way for the future of the genus, home-gardeners, extension specialists and horticulture professionals will all have something to gain by attending.