Men on Boats by Jaclyn Backhaus


In 1869, John Wesley Powell led a group of 10 men down the Colorado River to chart its course. With only 4 boats, a month’s provisions and plenty of moxie, these men risked life and limb, all in the name of Manifest Destiny.

From the director, Rachel Klem: Cross-Gender Casting (or cross-casting) is as old as theatre itself. I was excited when I first read Men on Boats to find that the playwright, Jaclyn Backhaus, took the idea of cross-casting a step further. In the casting notes she says, “The characters in Men On Boats were historically cisgender white males. The cast should be made up entirely of people who are not.”

Based on Powell’s travel journals, this modern action adventure adds new perspective to exploration and our look at history.

Audio description and closed captioning will be available during the Friday, Sept. 21 show.