Parallel Parking Film Screening & Panel Discussion


Unimmigrant is a film and panel event where we take a closer look at the lives of immigrants in current day America. Through the film 'Parallel Parking,' shot locally in Raleigh-Durham, we explore the complexities of immigration as we engage in social discourse with local leaders. The film hones in on five issues, including homelessness, unemployment, migrant smuggling, trauma and identity as a whole.

An undocumented Tibetan immigrant and a reckless Dominican-American truck driver forge a relationship that helps them overcome the adversities and heartbreak that life brings.

Dechen, an undocumented worker, and Oscar, a reckless truck driver plagued by addiction, are immigrants to the United States who both arrived under traumatic circumstances. Oscar teaches Dechen to drive, and Dechen provides companionship and support to Oscar through his failing health. Their relationship develops and deepens across identity differences due to reciprocity and their shared love of food.