Pink Beds with Galloway


Pink Beds: (Asheville, NC)

Pink Beds sits at the intersection of spacious grooves and lush song-crafting. If All I Have, the band's debut LP, was a love letter to the sounds that surrounded them in Appalachia, the March 2024 follow-up, Spare Key To AMemory, is a nuanced and evolved form, showcasing their love of lush, angular, and ethereal sounds designed to resonate with our deepest emotional experiences. Shifting from a lockdown songwriting project to an electrifying live act, the band has taken on a vibrant and captivating quality all to their own. Playing off of the spark of a live environment, the band evolves and expands upon their familiar compositions, taking them to new and exciting places. After securing a foothold in southeast markets, becoming a FloydFest On-the-Rise artist, a Relix Magazine Sonic Showdown Finalist, and making prominent regional festival appearances, the band is eager to bring these new songs and experiences to audiences throughout 2024.

Pink Beds from Asheville, NC comprises Aaron Aiken (Vocals, Guitar, Keys, Synths), Jackson Van Horn(Guitar, Keys, Synths), Logan Hall (Bass, Synths), and Ryan Sargent (Drums, Percussion). The group explores their shared influences nurtured by a deep bond with one another.

Galloway: (NC)

Galloway combines aspects of indie, rock, pop, and alternative.


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