Raleigh African American Cultural Heritage Tour


This is an on-demand private tour - great for family reunions. Tobacco Road Tour’s “Raleigh African American Cultural Heritage Tour” is a motorized, professionally guided tour designed for guests seeking an educational, enlightening and fun African American experience. Explore the lives and accomplishments of African American North Carolinian’s from the colonial, antebellum and Civil War period to the Civil Rights era. To know where you are headed, you must know from where you came! One must retrieve the past in order to move forward. Out of the plentiful and varied history of African Americans in N.C. grew a rich and diverse culture. That culture thrives today in the Triangle. And it is blessed with an even richer heritage that is just waiting to be explored. TRT invites you to join them in visiting museums, galleries and cultural centers in Raleigh to view examples of African American culture, business, creativity, faith, music, artistry, cuisine and much more. Managing partner Brad Kennedy states: “some of the most outstanding contributions to our state’s heritage are the talents and achievements of African Americans. Their legacy embraces a commitment to preserving, protecting, and building stronger communities. We hope you will join us to experience the special blend of African American history, culture and arts that makes the Triangle dynamic and unique”.