Raleigh Art and Architecture Tour


Whether you’re a lover of Queen Anne, Second Empire, and Victorian, or inspired by clean-lined modernism, you’ll feel right at home surrounded by Raleigh’s history-defining architecture. From Greek Revival survivors of the many city fires to the birth and evolution of its skyscrapers, the city skyline is a glowing homage to legendary architects and groundbreaking styles.

When it comes to public art, Raleigh has a plethora to see and learn about. Raleigh even has some that contain a VR (virtual reality) component. Come see, learn, and immerse yourself in the 2-hour walking tour of downtown Raleigh. You will be glad you did. 

What is a public display of art? Public artwork is an artwork in any medium, planned and executed outside a gallery context and intended specifically for exhibition within a public space. Public spaces are generally open and accessible to all.