Raleigh Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour


The "Raleigh Haunted Footsteps Ghost Tour" is a family friendly 1.5 mile walking tour designed for all ages (age 8 and up, please) of goblins seeking a unique and different downtown Raleigh experience. The tour combines local ghost stories, folklore and local history as it takes children of all ages to four different ghost and paranormal sites including capitol phantoms, the peg-legged ghost, Yarborough House ghosts and Raleigh City Cemetery. Tobacco Road Tours wraps up the tour with the gruesome experiences of centuries past at Moore's Square, one of Raleigh's two remaining green spaces/parks established in 1792.

Do you believe in ghosts and creatures of the night? Whether your answer is yes or no, almost everyone enjoys a ghost story or an inexplicable tale of the unusual. And when that narrative has as its basis real people, actual places and recorded events, it becomes more enjoyable because it hints at credibility and believability.

Advance ticket purchase is required.