Sample Sale Music

  • Dates: June 15, 2024
  • Venue: The Cary Theater
  • Location: Cary
  • Address: 122 E. Chatham St., Cary, NC 27511
  • Times: 7:30pm
  • Admission: $6-$10


Sample Sale Music (SSM) is a jazz band that incorporates hip-hop elements into their music. Led by Dasan Ahanu and Tai Allen, SSM has been working since 2014 to amplify the fusion of jazz and hip-hop. The band consists of talented musicians who are passionate about both genres and deliver amazing performances on stage. They have performed at various venues and festivals across the United States, including Art of Cool, SoHo House, Apache, and the Indie Soul Festival. SSM aims to seamlessly blend jazz-based samples with modern tracks that the audience knows and loves. They also take the crowd on a musical journey through jazz, blues, and soul pieces. With the expertise of pianists and keyboardists Isaac Childs and Joel Holloway, SSM can play a wide range of music, from classic jazz standards to modern hits.