Southern Soul Music Festival: Tucka, Calvin Richardson, Sir Charles Jones & Pokey Bear


The Southern Soul Music Festival is coming to the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium, hosted by Miami's own Comedian Marvin Dixon. Experience all your favorite soulful hits and top songs at the Southern Soul Music Festival!

Tucka - Over the past few years, a brand new voice has risen by the name of TUCKA, he’s been winning fans with his signature sound. Influenced by R&B and Soul Greats he rose-up on the sounds from his southwest Louisiana roots. He has come up with his own sound, which combines the best of both. "King of Swing"

Calvin Richardson - Calvin Richardson is a national singer, songwriter, and entertainer who delights fans. He is also known by the nickname "Prince of Soul."

Sir Charles Jones - is an artist whose part-throwback, part-modern style of R&B is based on traditional Southern soul and blues. The vocalist, songwriter, producer, and multi instrumentalist calls himself the Undisputed King of Southern Soul.

Pokey Bear - Southern bluesman Pokey Bear injects a larger-than-life swagger into his R&B-infused bayou soul. The Baton Rouge party-starter released his solo effort Josephine Son Pokey in 2014; the album included his de facto theme song, "They Call Me Pokey" and he's best known for "My Side Piece"

Nellie “Tiger” Travis – A fiery singer whose music encompass both contemporary blues and Southern Soul .In 2013 she had another Southern soul hit with “Mr. Sexy Man” which spirited a line dance popular in Southern Soul venues.

Ronnie Bell - Ronnie Bell is a church-reared independent R&B singer, his material has alternated between contemporary commercial sounds and slower numbers more in line with deeply Southern soul-blues. "I'll Pay the Shipping Cost" arrived in 2016.

Lebrado - Lebrado Wilson, aka Lebrado, is a native of the Charlotte suburb of Wingate, North Carolina best known for his song "Fire"

FatDaddy - New Upcoming Blues & Southern Soul Artist from Dallas,TX. Using soulful music as a new way of storytelling.