Stand & Sway

  • Dates: October 11, 2019
  • Venue: The Cary Theater
  • Location: Cary
  • Address: 122 E. Chatham St., Cary, NC 27511
  • Times: 8pm
  • Admission: $20-$25


As a duo, Wood and James push the boundaries of soul and folk music and attempt to break down the walls that have separated the worlds of music and poetry. Wood and James Stand and Sway. The two also sit down and cry when it’s tough, laugh when it’s useless and sing really, really loud often. They write, speak, tour and teach poetry and singing workshops to inspire those disempowered to find their voices, because they agree that women singing unapologetically together can rattle glass ceilings. Their upcoming album, set to be released in the spring of 2019, takes soul, folk, spoken word, Americana, gospel and blues, shakes them around in a basket of harmony, and makes what they affectionately call “grown-out-roots-music. What began as a collaboration on the anthem “Nasty Woman” has evolved into its own beautiful thing – Stand and Sway: a meeting of minds, voices, hearts and spirits. Wood and James’s distinct and powerful voices stand strong on their own, and together they create magic, energy and community everywhere they go.