Whiskey or Bourbon? Discover the World in a Glass

  • Dates: September 11, 2024
  • Venue: The Loading Dock
  • Location: Midtown Raleigh
  • Address: 1053 E. Whitaker Mill Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604
  • Times: 6:30-8pm
  • Admission: $99


All Bourbon is Whiskey, but not all Whisky is Bourbon! 

This immersive whiskey class is your passport to the fascinating realm of whiskey. From Bourbon to Scotch, Irish to Japanese, delve into the diverse styles and flavors of this beloved spirit. Discover the secrets of whiskey production across different countries and regions, uncovering the nuances of aging and distillation. Prepare your palate for a tantalizing tasting journey featuring rare and award-winning selections, including Japanese Single Malt and 20+ year old Scotch.  But it’s not just about sipping – learn to decode labels, understand pricing factors, and master the art of pairing whiskey with food. Plus, gain insider tips on serving and cooking with whiskey.

Elevate your whiskey knowledge with passionate educators and indulge in a culinary treat prepared by chef Doreen Colondres.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of education, exploration, and exceptional whiskey!

Educator: Raj Sabharwal