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The State of North Carolina is now allowing restaurants to be open at full capacity. However, some restaurants in Raleigh/Wake County might have decided to stay closed temporarily or limit hours. We highly suggest to check official restaurant websites or social media accounts before making plans or traveling.


Count On Me NCCount On Me NC-Certified Restaurants in Raleigh, N.C.

Pre-COVID-19, it was widely agreed that the food scene in the City of Oaks was thriving, doing better than ever thanks to tasty endeavors from a community that’s passionate about good eats and drinks (the accolades range from one of America's hottest food cities to one of 12 global destinations to travel to, with much credit to our culinary prowess).

And you can still experience the must-try food scene of the Raleigh area right now.

Many local restaurants in the Raleigh area have been certified under the statewide Count On Me NC program, a public health initiative that specifically trains businesses to help keep everyone—both employees and guests—safe from COVID-19.

Explore those restaurants below, and plan a trip to a foodie paradise.

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See safe dining and things to do, plus local travel safety info, here.

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