Esports and Gaming Mural in Downtown Raleigh, N.C.

"8-BIT TO 5G" by local artist Taylor White

Listen to an audio description of the mural:

More than just a mural, "8-BIT TO 5G" is a celebration of creativity and innovation. Video games have grown up right alongside us here in Raleigh, and this evocative mural is a colorful expression of the relationship between our city and this unique art form.

Experience the mural

Whether you’re a gamer or an art lover or just enjoy discovering cool things to do in Raleigh, stop by the mural at 429 S. Wilmington St. in downtown Raleigh. Bring your phone to take part in the mural’s unique augmented reality. It’s an Instagram moment waiting to happen!

Augmented reality

Thanks to the magic of augmented reality (AR) "8-BIT TO 5G" is an evolving experience. During the year, unique AR elements of the mural come alive through your phone’s camera, showcasing different iconic images within the artwork and bringing an extra dimension to this already-rich art installation.

How to experience the AR:

  • Visit the mural in person and position yourself on the sidewalk in front of it.
  • Point your mobile device's rear-facing camera towards the mural.
  • Using a web browser app on your mobile device, click the adjacent image/link and interact with the cube, coin and ball objects that will appear in your browser.


Where to find it

The mural can be found on the S. Wilmington St.-facing side of the City Center/Red Hat Parking Deck near downtown Raleigh's City Plaza.

It's approximately where S. Wilmington and E. Cabarrus Sts. intersect.

Origins of the mural

The Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Downtown Raleigh Alliance were seeking an art installation that was a reflection of the area’s contributions to gaming and technology. The tribute would need to speak to the history of Raleigh’s business community, inspire future generations of creators and innovators and require an artist who understood both the world of gaming and the unique fabric of the Raleigh area.

Subnation, a leading gaming and esports advisor to Raleigh, N.C., was commissioned to create the concept and find the right artist to make the mural come to life. American figurative artist Taylor White immediately came to mind. A Raleigh native, White possesses a deep understanding of that unique character of the city and its people—the importance of history and shared values, but always with an eye on innovation and the future.

Esports mural

History of gaming

In the beginning there was PONG, and it was good. The arcade became a place where legends were born. Soon the games followed us home, occupying a central spot in our living rooms—where they’ve been ever since. The graphics improved. More games appeared. And our love grew fonder. The Internet allowed us to play with the world—and build real social connections in fantastic digital worlds.

Today, video games are the world’s favorite form of entertainment—pushed forward by advances in technology, and also the medium’s ability to tell genuinely emotional stories. The future, filled with AR/VR magic and faster machines with remarkable power, holds new ways to play and realism that we once didn’t dare imagine.

But the connection between us and the game remains the same. The one we felt after our first journey into the arcade, the day we brought the games home or took on the world in competition.

R6 Trophy

Raleigh, N.C.

Raleigh, N.C., is a city with a rich history that’s also helping craft the future of gaming. Home to a growing number of highly respected gaming and tech companies, Raleigh is a city of the future, powered by the collective beating heart of its people. Students, tech professionals, innovators and creators—all find themselves right at home here in the Raleigh area.

Six Major Raleigh photo, Subnation