by Elliot Acosta

You might have heard about the Angus Barn during a discussion about the juiciest steaks in Wake County. You might have read about the Angus Barn's award winning wine cellar while browsing Wine Spectator magazine. You might have been told about the Angus Barn's knowledgeable and friendly staff that rivals the best in the country. Or you might have been on Twitter when Payton Manning's generous tip was tweeted to the world.

The word about this prime steakhouse is out and everyone from Raleigh and beyond knows about it. Sitting upon the same hilltop since 1960, the Angus Barn's red barn building has been a landmark of top quality cuts of beef with world-class customer service. Under the direction of Chef Walter Royal, the kitchen focuses on cooking tremendously succulent beef to perfection. Midwestern corn-fed beef is aged inside of the Angus Barn's onsite facility. Together with the aging process and Royal's mastery of the kitchen, the steaks at the Angus Barn become divine.

An unapologetic huge piece of steak, the Angus Barn's marvelously marbled 22-ounce prime rib melts in your mouth. Chef Royal's world renowned cooking has earned him high honors from such organizations as the Restaurant Guild International whom recognized the chef with the distinction of a "Five Star Chef of the Year." Hearing of Royal's great feats in the kitchen, Food Network invited the chef to battle against one of their famous Iron Chefs. Pitted against Iron Chef Cat Cora, Royal was able to reign victorious by a large eight-point margin. His famed ostrich satay that he used to defeat Chef Cora has been included to the Angus Barn menu, giving you a tiny piece of Kitchen Stadium.

9401 Glenwood Ave., Raleigh; 919.787.3505;