Clyde Cooper's BBQ

by Elliot Acosta

Surrounded around the growing Raleigh downtown, across from the towering modern skyscraper of the PNC Plaza, Cooper's BBQ sits in its small dated building. The walls of Clyde Cooper's BBQ tell the story of Raleigh's history as much as their food. Within the confines of the modest building are pictures from Raleigh's past, as diners from Raleigh's present enjoy in the same soul-satisfying meal of Eastern Carolina barbecue.

Building their reputation on its slow roasted pork, Cooper's has been serving heaping helpings of their ‘cue for over 70 years. Before you dig into the swine, a basket full of hushpuppies and pork rinds await you. Biting into one of the warm pork rinds brings a thunderous crunch. Together with a salty pork flavor, it is the best way to prepare for the upcoming feast.

The crown jewel of this Raleigh trademark is the chopped BBQ. Tender shreds of pork that's been pulled right off the bone release flavorful juices with each bite. The spices and seasonings that have been cooking with the pork for hours pops on the taste buds even without pouring on Cooper's legendary barbecue sauce.

Cooper's vinegar-based Eastern Carolina BBQ sauce balances the elements of tangy and spicy. As confident in their sauce as they are in their barbecue pork, Cooper's bottles and sells the sauce for those who want to experience authentic Eastern Carolina BBQ at home.

109 E. Davie St., Raleigh; 919.832.7614;