by Elliot Acosta

Residents of the ultra-posh shopping center North Hills, Mura specializes in making sushi as dapper as the shops that surround it. Mura's bite size pieces of Japanese cuisine are rolled with contemporary and extravagant ingredients that are far from their traditional ancestors. Whether it's the Surf & Turf roll that is topped with slices of filet mignon or something subtle like almonds sprinkled over the Yellow Tiger roll, Mura expands on the idea of what sushi has to be.

While the sushi takes on the modern, Mura's sushi bar is a tribute to the past with its wooden countertop and finishes. Giving you a front row seat to the restaurant's selection of fresh fish, the sushi chefs' expert knife skills and three flat panel televisions, the sushi bar at Mura suits either a quiet dinner in solitude or an evening making new friends with the chefs and locals.

If you're the type of person that breaks into cold sweats at the thought of raw fish, Mura also offers a full menu of Japanese fusion. Miso braised short ribs with Korean barbecue sauce, filet of American Wagyu beef, and crispy duck breast is available to curb the appetites of those who are not satisfied with the idea of rolls of rice and fish.

In the middle of the restaurant the blue radiant glow of Mura's liquor selves draws attention towards the full service bar. The back lit bar is stocked with over a dozen sakes and specialized cocktails making it an ideal place to belly up to for a nightcap.

#110 4121 Main at North Hills St., Raleigh; 919.781.7887;