NOFO at the Pig

by Elliot Acosta

Once a Piggly Wiggly grocery store, NOFO at the Pig has become one half eclectic gift store and one half gourmet café. Located at the center of the ultra-hip Five Points district of Raleigh, NOFO proudly stays true with its Piggly Wiggly roots with murals of the grocery store's trademark chubby cheek pig still on its walls. At the bottom of the long staircase in the middle of the building is NOFO café.

Serving weekend brunch, lunch and dinner, NOFO's selection of fresh renditions of southern and American fare aside whimsical cocktails has been loved by the locals since 2001. Brunch at NOFO's café comes with much anticipation as with brunch means serving NOFO's award winning Bloody Mary. Alongside of the savory and spicy cocktail are a basket of the finest sweet potato fries in North Carolina. Where many other restaurants fail with sweet potato fries, making them soggy and limp, is rectified at NOFO with crispy fries that deliver a big crunch

After the meal, the staircase leads you upstairs where a wacky fun land awaits. Running the gambit of gifts, toys, soaps, linens, and more, the NOFO store is where the functional and fun meet. Local goods to hard to find items fill the shelves at NOFO. Clothing to tea, the NOFO at the Pig diverse selection of gifts has a little something for everyone.

2014 Fairview Rd., Raleigh; 919.821.1240;