Unaabi Grill

by Elliot Acosta

Within the suburbs of Cary is an eatery that unveils the mystery of Afghan food. Like many of its Middle Eastern neighbors, Afghan cuisine is often forgotten, misrepresented and even mocked. At the Unaabi Grill however, the cuisine is celebrated and delicious.

Owner Zahed Khan brought the Triangle its first Afghan restaurant in 2009. Devoted to bring sensational traditional Afghani food to Cary, Kahn pursued Chef Tahir Yasin to head south from the Big Apple. Behind the direction of Yasin the Unaabi Grill plates authentic Afghani dishes like the Kabuli Pulao. Tender lamb nested in a bed of brown basmati rice. Tossed within the rice are thinly sliced carrots, raisins and almonds that sweeten the dish.

One of the trademarks of Afghan cuisine is kebabs and they are celebrated at Unaabi. Lamb, beef, chicken and seafood are marinated in Unaabi's freshly grated spices. After the absorbing all of the intense flavors and spices, the meat is skewed then places in a fire to be grilled.

For a feast for the entire family to enjoy, Unaabi offers a family package for five. The heap of food includes salads, rice, kebabs and appetizers that will fill everyone in the family. Unaabi Grill does not neglect the sweet treats. Firnee is a sweet soupy pudding made with rosemary and sprinkled pistachios. The herb flavor balances the sweet tones releasing a heavenly aroma.

Revealing the great flavors of Afghan food, Unaabi Grill spotlights a frequently overlooked cuisine.

914 Kildaire Farm Rd., Cary; 919.439.0402; www.unaabi.com.