It’s a rare occasion. You have the day off, the weather is cooperating, and you’ve got a little extra money in the bank. So why don’t you splurge a little on yourself? Recession, schmession. Everyone deserves to be treated like royalty for a day and your throne a waits in Cary.

Imagine a massage, wax treatment, and a mani/pedi all in one day. Sounds either too good to be true or too expensive to enjoy. Well dream no further, B Roman Skin & Body Therapy will make you feel like a queen within seconds of walking through the door. Their elaborate and beautiful décor instantly soothes and calms the body while a smiling, warm receptionist greets and escorts you to your appointment. Whether you’re trying them for the first time or are a weekly regular, the trained specialists take every opportunity to ensure the client’s happiness and well-being. You are there after all to get away from all the stress in your life, right?

If you’re looking for the perfect place to help you get ready for a big day; particularly weddings or special events, La Therapie Day Spa provides clients with massages, facials, make up services, and more.  Reasonable prices, smiling faces, and excellent service keep everyone coming back for more, including husbands! The spa offers several spa packages for men and couples. The spa has also recently added Endermologie to their list of services to help clients reduce the visibility of cellulite. Proven extremely effective, you could leave the spa looking inches thinner without even stepping foot onto that elliptical. Got to love technology!

For a truly luxurious experience, visit The Umstead Spa, where you'll have a four star experience.

So stop working yourself to death and indulge a little in what the leading spa professionals of the Greater Raleigh have to offer. You’ll leave refreshed and ready to spring back into all the hustle and bustle. Your mind, body, and boss will thank you later, guaranteed.