(photo courtesy of http://www.sparkcon.com/gallery)

With three nationally accredited universities, numerous artistic locals, and a vast array of cultural centers, it is no wonder the Triangle has been named “The Creative Hub of the South”.  However, there has been seldom opportunity for all of these cultural aspects to come together until now. Introducing SPARKcon 2009, an effort to bring together all of the creativity in the Triangle in one festival. SPARKcon describes itself as: “A 100% volunteer effort organized with an “Open Source” approach, SPARKcon is a “creative potluck” of SPARKs or creative themes such as art, music, film, fashion, etc. Each SPARK is put together by individuals who are deeply embedded in that specific local scene. Using a combination of networking and open calls for participants, organizers create diverse and representative events to show off local talent and connect disparate creative scenes” (SPARKcon.com).

SPARKcon was first created in 2006 when a group of Triangle residents came together to try and mesh the abundance of creative individuals in the region. Starting with almost no monetary assistance or managerial services, this community-minded group began SPARKcon by displaying local artists in a weekend showcase and setting up small, helpful workshops.  Their humble beginnings have paid off however with September 2009 marking SPARKcon’s fourth official year in the Triangle. This year’s festival is slated for September 17th-19th will feature many of the Triangle’s cultural gems, including the 11th annual Street Painting Festival and an Experimental Video Lounge.  Check out their website for more details about this year’s participants and other information. This is one Spark the Triangle does not want to see put out!