North Carolina’s capital city area is home to more than 50 African-American historical and heritage sites plus an array of events and celebrations of African-American culture.  These landmarks make for an adventurous day rich with educational tours, exhibits and stops throughout greater Raleigh.

Here, you’ll find the South’s oldest black university, the nation’s first institute for blind African Americans, and the first four-year medical school for African Americans, all of which you can stop at and learn more.  For a comprehensive list of heritage sites, visit this website.

Depending on what time of year you visit Raleigh, there will probably be an African-American heritage event going on such as the MLK Holiday Celebration in January, the “Amistad” outdoor drama in late July and the Cary Kwanzaa celebration in late December.

Whether you’re visiting greater Raleigh for business or pleasure, or specifically for the purpose of exploring the African-American heritage, you’ll find plenty of multicultural sites and events to enjoy while you’re here.