A new addition to Greater Raleigh’s wonderful collection of fun and interesting tours, Art Gallery Tours NC engages you in your gallery sightseeing in a way that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy on your own.  These gallery tours make it easy to find, appreciate and learn about the art that appeals to you most.

On each tour, a guide will meet you downtown in a small group to walk to several galleries, and owners will take the time to tell you about specific pieces of artwork and answer any questions. The tours involve lively discussion, learning about what interests you, and matching you with the type of art that fits you best.

On the Central Raleigh Art Gallery Tour, you will visit a gallery that includes a diverse array of traditional and contemporary work in a downtown historic 110-year-old building. Once you’ve gotten your fill, you’ll move on to a recently established art gallery that features abstract and representational art in all visual disciplines, and then you’ll finish with a visit to one of the largest open-studio environments in the country.

The Raleigh Warehouse District Art Gallery Tour takes you an adventure through a gallery that exhibits challenging, provocative and innovative contemporary art, a combination gallery and studio space for more than a dozen artists, the Contemporary Art Museum, and a non-profit gallery and association that supports emerging artists.

If you want to take your art gallery exploration to the next level, visit the Art Gallery Tours website to learn more.