Chrome and plenty of horsepower can only mean one thing: the 2010 International Auto Expo has cruised into town and requires every car-enthusiast to attend!

Deemed “Streethearts”, this Valentine’s Day weekend event is sure to get anyone’s engine revved and ready to go. The Expo includes informational vendor booths, manufacturer representatives, and of course the newest models of all of your favorite manufacturers from imports to domestics. But don’t think the classics will be forgotten. The Expo also plans to celebrate original muscle cars by having them on display Saturday and Sunday. So don’t forget your camera, because you are definitely going to want to document these beauties!

This event is also very kid-friendly so forget about finding a babysitter this weekend!  Bond with your children over the beauty of a make, the shine of a paint job, or even just the wonder of being surrounded by so many amazing vehicles.  They will love it! Not to mention it will not put a damper on your wallet as adult tickets are only $6, and kids are admitted for $4. Can’t beat that price for the experience you and your child will be receiving!

So this weekend, if you love cars gather the family and head on down to the North Carolina State Fairgrounds for a day of gorgeous cars and family fun.  You’ll love every minute of it!