With help from the Raleigh Times Bar and the distributors of Avion Tequila, Big Boss Brewing Company initiated an 11-month process of acquiring tequila barrels from Olmeca Altos Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, to create a limited-edition brew called Muerto Viviente. This special brew further adds to the brewery's "Strange Cargo" series.

The collaborative beer all started as a "what if." No stranger to barrel-aging, Big Boss Brewing Company is always on the lookout for what's next in the barrel-aging trend. A conversation over lunch sparked the eight-month acquisition and three-month aging process. 11 months in all, Muerto Viviente was born.

Avion and Olmeca Altos purchase used bourbon barrels from the U.S. to age their spirits. With tequila barrels being difficult to acquire and in short excess supply, Big Boss Brewing Company is one of the only breweries in the U.S. to experiment with this aging process. Once the barrels crossed the Mexican border, the collaboration process began!

Muerto Viviente is a 9-percent Belgian Dark Ale aged in Avion Reposado Tequila Barrels featuring pure agave nectar and pink peppercorn. The barrels arrived at the brewery around Christmas and brewers Brad Wynn and Bobby McInerny decided on this specific combination to highlight the oak, vanilla and pepper notes the tequila left behind.

Big Boss Brewing CompanyCelebrate with Big Boss Brewing Company as this specialty ale is released to the masses in a pre-Cinco De Mayo party on First Friday at the Raleigh Times Bar. I couldn't think of a better way to end N.C. Beer Month. The party begins on May 2 at 6pm, featuring the new beer, live music and more. Representatives from Avion Tequila and Olmeca Altos will be providing samples to event-goers as well for quite the spirited night.