If you appreciate real beer, and aren’t afraid of trying different beers that taste, well, different, then Big Boss Brewing Company has crafted some awesome brews for you.  Big Boss is a Raleigh brewery that started back in 2006 and has since flourished into one of the leading breweries in the area.

The second Saturday of each month, visitors can take a 30-minute tour through the entire Big Boss facility and learn about the traditional beer-making process.  The best part could easily be the brew sampling at the end of the tour, costing just $1 for each brew.  Not to mention, the tour is free, and no reservations are required.

What kind of beers will you be sampling?  If you enjoy pale German ale, then Angry Angel could be your dream beer.  Bad Penny is delicious dark brown ale with a slightly sweet hint of caramel and dark fruit.  Or, for a good American-style IPA, you can shoot for the High Roller.  These are just a sampling of the year-round and seasonal brews offered.

If you feel like having a beer without the tour, you can just head on in to the Big Boss Taproom, which is open Monday through Saturday.  Whether you’re interested in the tour or the taproom, it’s safe to say that Big Boss Brewery will provide you with well-made beers that really satisfy.