Do you have kids who love learning about creepy crawlies? Are you yourself intrigued by arthropods? On September 17th, the 2011 BugFest will be back at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and you’re invited!

Did you know that arthropods make up three-quarters of all animals on Earth? Even if you’re terrified of bugs, your fears will soon be turned to fascination as you learn all about them during fun, fact-filled presentations. There will be entertaining displays, exhibits and activities for all, both inside and outside of the museum.

You’ll also get to taste delectable dishes featuring creepy crawlers as a major ingredient, watch fun bug competitions like the cockroach races, and be filled with wonder by awesome demonstrations, such as a live bee-bearding and Jim Albert’s Flea Circus.

This free event is the largest of its kind in the entire country. Visit the BugFest website for more information about one of the most interesting and unique festivals around.